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Ippy Aiona For County Council  Dist.9

Hawi - Kapaau - Kawaihae - Puako - Waikoloa - Waikii - Waimea

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Growing Up Hapa

Born and raised on the big island of Hawaii to a Native Hawaiian father and an Italian American Mother.  Ippy is married to Genna Aiona and has a beautiful baby girl named Grace Aiona.  Raised with hard work instilled into his everyday routine, Ippy's father Max Aiona owned Waimea's first Hawaiian plate lunch restaurant "The Kamuela Deli". His mother also opened an Italian restaurant in Waimea called "Solimene's".  It is safe to say that Ippy grew up working and serving this community that he loves so much.  After graduating from Hawaii Preparatory Academy Ippy attended the California Culinary Academy.

At 23 Ippy opened his first restaurant in Waikoloa called "Ippy's Hawaiian BBQ", later that year he also opened his second restaurant "The Three Fat Pigs"(closed).  At 24 he was placed in Forbes magazine on their 30 under 30 list of the upcoming movers-and-shakers in the food & wine industry in America under 30. 

Last year he opened his second Ippy's Hawaiian BBQ location in Waimea just down the road from his father's plate lunch restaurant where he grew up.  Hard work and dedication are part of Ippy's everyday life.  Ippy truly understands what it means to work extremely long hours and still have a hard time surviving.  

With his businesses also affected by the pandemic, Ippy can relate to the struggles of the working men and women, as well as the small business owners during this unprecedented time.  It is time to bridge the gap between the community and the government, bring all parties to the table and to create transparency in our leadership so that the people know that their voices are being represented. 


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