Information On COVID-19  

During this unprecedented and uncertain time, we need cooperation between our community and government more than ever.  Bringing our county back to where it needs to be financially is a challenge but NOT impossible.  Unfortunately, Hawaii's tourism was already down 30 percent before this pandemic struck. We need to identify different ways to create a sustainable income for this island through a diversified economy.  

It is so upsetting that we import 90% of our food.  We need to help and make sure that our farmers are able to continue supporting themselves and supplying a positive flow of product to feed our island and our economy. 

Political policies must be put into place so that we can feed ourselves.  As the food supply on the mainland crumbles this need is more crucial than ever and our eyes have been opened to our broken system.

We also need to make sure that our small businesses are given the proper assistance so that they can once again thrive and supply jobs for our community.  Our service industry is extremely important, and we need to pay much more attention to them than we have in the past. Simplifying these tasks may seem daunting, but this community has already come together to help each other in such inspirational ways.  Your voices and ideas matter because it is going to take all of us, working together to get ourselves back on the right path.



The Center For Disease Control provides information about symptoms, testing, options and ways to keep yourself safe



The Hawaii Department of Health offers live updates on cases in Hawaii as well as testing center locations and details



The Small Business Administration has options of grants and loans to help small businesses get back on their feet